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Gemstone Jewellery

These bold jewellery ranges combine spirituality and nature perfectly. Working closely with our artisans, we’ve developed a range that will stand out and sell itself thanks to its simple but beautiful nature.

Combining natural gemstones and twisted wire techniques, these handcrafted pieces are absolutely stunning.

Earrings double drop citrine
(Code: TARJ2224)
In Stock
Earrings double drop lapis
(Code: TARJ2223)
In Stock
Earrings single drop citrine
(Code: TARJ2219)
In Stock
Earrings single drop onyx
(Code: TARJ2215)
In Stock
Earrings single drop tiger's eye
(Code: TARJ2214)
Ear studs rose quartz
(Code: TARJ2199)
In Stock
Ear studs clear quartz
(Code: TARJ2198)
In Stock
Ear studs labradorite
(Code: TARJ2196)
In Stock
Ear studs pink moonstone
(Code: TARJ2195)
In Stock
Choker aventurine pendant
(Code: TARJ2193)
In Stock
Pendant single stone crystal
(Code: TARJ2189)
In Stock
Pendant single stone citrine
(Code: TARJ2187)
In Stock
Pendant single stone onyx
(Code: TARJ2186)
In Stock
Choker amethyst pendant
(Code: TARJ2184)
In Stock
Choker tree of life pendant
(Code: TARJ2180)
In Stock
Choker druzy pendant
(Code: TARJ2179)
In Stock
Choker moonstone pendant
(Code: TARJ2178)
In Stock
Bracelet 5 rose quartz stones
(Code: TARJ2168)
In Stock
Bracelet garnet, Scorpio
(Code: TARJ2157)
In Stock
Bracelet aventurine, Libra
(Code: TARJ2156)
In Stock