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Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical Gifts for the Trade

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Wholesale Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, Ethical & Recycled Gifts

Shared Earth Wholesale UK is a leading importer and supplier of Fair Trade, eco-friendly, ethical and recycled/re-made products, selling a wide variety of wholesale gifts; home and fashion accessories, jewellery, cards and games. We release hundreds of new product lines each year, from many countries across Asia, Africa and South America.

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How can we, as retailers, help to tackle the climate crisis?

The answer is simple – source our products responsibly. Shared Earth can help in this process by offering eco-friendly products which are sustainable, which avoid plastic, and which involve minimal energy, pollution and waste in their manufacture. Handmade and organic products are ideal and we have a wide range. We have products like rice-husk cups, alternatives to plastic throwaways; bamboo socks, which use a third of the water it takes to grow cotton; jute bags, which last for ages; and solid shampoo, to avoid the use of plastic bottles. We also sell hundreds of recycled or upcycled products made from plastic bottles, paper, glass, tins, computer boards, even bicycle chains. We sell greetings cards with compostable cello-bags and we avoid plastic as much as we can in all our packaging; our aim is ‘zero-waste’ to landfill.

As a fair trading company...

We try to ensure that the artisans who make our products get a fair wage, there is no exploitation (for instance of children), women are treated equally, and the community and those most in need of work benefit from our trade.

Below are just a few producers we are proud to support:

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