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Tara Projects

Your orders have enabled us to pay for the restoration of Tara’s soapstone workshops in Agra, India. This cost us £5,000, Tara contributing another £2,000. Almost 100 sheets of new corrugated iron were installed to replace faulty roofing and as you can see from the photos, many other improvements were made, a vast improvement for the artisans who work there.


Roof before


Roof after
New roof
Bathroom before
Bathroom after
Bathroom renevated
Walls before
Walls after
Walls painted
The current work situation for the soapstone carvers is dire, with many having to seek temporary work elsewhere, or staying at home and struggling to feed their families, all this because not enough orders are coming in. For this reason, we have developed more products than we would do normally. In addition, climate disasters have affected many; Moon, CEO of Tara, reports on the recent floods in Delhi, 'water entered many parts of the city, there is a shortage of drinking water… big loss to vegetable growers around the river, their harvests have been washed away… the price of vegetables has gone further high… Thousands have been made homeless'. This is climate change IN ACTION - how it’s affecting people’s lives.