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The loofah or ‘torai’ is a popular vegetable all over India, a dried-out gourd of the cucumber family. It’s an excellent, 100% sustainable alternative to plastic, providing a useful income to small-holders and farmers. And since it’s not prone to insects or other pests, no pesticides are used in production.

It’s an excellent scrubber for sinks, tiles and other hard surfaces, and it’s a great exfoliating sponge helping to give you clean and healthy skin. It can also be used as a soap dish, its porous quality allowing soap to dry out fast.

100% compostable, long-lasting, and - of course - plastic free!

Loofah, flat heart shape
(Code: SASH1925)
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Loofah/scrubber slice
(Code: SASH1923)
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Backscrubber loofah, 35cm
(Code: SASH1920)
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